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By Alberto Bayo

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Common Alberto Bayo is most likely the single person such a lot accountable for Fidel Castro's army successes opposed to the Batista regime. locate the solutions to such questions as what's the best measurement of a guerrilla unit? How will new volunteers learn? What could be performed if the enemy fireplace on us all of sudden?

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How many civilians have rifles. Page 36 of 52 ONE HUNDRED FIFTY QUESTIONS TO A GUERRILLA Whether there is in the village an amateur radio transmitter. Tames of traitors and executioners, domiciles of the best known oppressors of patriotic and revolutionary agents. Location of the railway or road bridges closest to the village and size of the guard. Distance to the closest airfield. Timetable of trains passing through the village and of trucks or buses of lines regularly serving the town. Analysis of the topography of the local area and all other useful data that could possibly be collected.

If a house is taken, the husk set on fire will have the effect of a smoke grenade stopping enemy advance. 91. How long can we keep defending a town in this manner? It may last for years. This was the type of defense put into practice during the defense of the University district of Madrid; Franco's troops never went through it. 92. What if the enemy completely cuts the water supply to the town? It was presupposed that the activity of the outside guerrillas would make it frightful and unacceptable for the enemy to maintain a protracted assault; however, if after all there is no other alternative the best way to escape is to break through the enemy lines in the middle of the dark and flee to the hills.

What shall we do about women and children living in these houses? Women, children, and elderly people will be evacuated. Some women, useful old men, and children over sixteen will be allowed to stay if they want to fight for the revolutionary cause. These women and old men will be used in the many jobs and arrangements that defense requires, such as preparation of the blocks, recruiting, encouraging those who don't dare to fight, and especially distributing the ammunition, because at fighting time all men should be shooting and it should be these women who take care of providing men with ammunition.

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