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Moreover it must be emphasised that the personality of masters like Henri Fayol, Herbert Simon, Peter Drucker or Jay Forrester, are far too great for the doctrinal labels which have been imposed on them. The work of these writers overflows the limits of their schools and the defence of rigid orthodoxy is much more the responsibility of their disciples than their own. The influence of these disciples is certainly responsible for a good oral sterile partitioning and quarrelling. It is important, before embarking on the de,scription of these schools, to define a framework of reference which will enable them to be placed in relation to each other.

A layer of processes connected with programmed decisions (probably largely automated) to control the routine everyday operations of the physical system, and 3. A layer of processes connected with non-programmed decisions (entrusted to a man/machine system) to control the processes of the first level, to assess them and to change the values of the parameters. JOHNSON, KAST and ROSENZWEial 1 Four functions of Management are enumerated: l. Planning (including the establishment of the objectives, policies, procedures and methods); 2.

These tension factors, as they are called by Sheldon, have been particularly studied by the systems theorists (Stafford Beer, Johnson, Kast and Rosenzweig); being at the source of the needs of the business, they act through this channel on the evolution of techniques. T. 1 for definition) and the necessity to keep military research secret without inactivating it, led A. Bavelas to consider the problems of inter-group communications. Later, under a regime of growing prosperity and over-production, less attention has been given to producing more than to distributing the products manufactured; from this, for example, stemmed the research of Kurt Lewin on channels of consumption.

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