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By Y. Ryabov

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An obtainable exposition of gravitation concept and celestial mechanics, this vintage quantity used to be written via a amazing Soviet astronomer. It explains with extraordinary readability the equipment utilized by physicists in learning celestial phenomena, together with perturbed movement, satellite tv for pc know-how, planetary rotation, and the motions of the celebs. fifty eight figures. 1959 version.

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Thus it was that the deviations of the planets and of other bodies of our solar system from the Keplerian laws could no longer be ignored. From the eighteenth century on, one of the principal problems of celestial mechanics was the determination of the perturbations of planets, asteroids, satellites and comets. Methods for determioning perturbations and also techniques for solving other important problems of celestial mechanics grew up together with the methods of higher mathematics. Present-day celestial mechanics was created by the great mathematicians of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: Clairaut (1713-1765).

Considering the expression for the attractive forces of an annulus and spheroid, it may he remarked that as the attracting particle recedes, that is, as the ratio air diminishes, the difference between the attraction of these bodies and that of a sphere will decrease and, if r is very graat in comparison with a, the annulus or spheroid will exert a force that practically coincides with that of a sphere. dies of any shape. At very great distances they all attract (and are attracted) like spheres or, to be more precise, like material particles of the same mass localized in the centres of gravity of these bodies.

20. An ellipsoid of revolution its ~adius OE, th? equatorial g radws, and the dIstance OL, . OE-OL th a t·IS, thed·ff T l erthe polar radius. he quantity DE' ence between the equatorial and polar radii, expressed in fractions of the equatorial radius, is known as the oblateness of the ellipsoid. An ellipsoid of revolution with small oblateness (differing but slightly from a sphere) is often termed a spheroid. Compared to a uniform sphere, a uniform spheroid of radius OL has excess mass concentrated chiefly along the equator (Fig.

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