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S. Hall's books, Adolescence (1904) and Educational Problems (1911) helped to accomplish what his 1901 paper recommended: to shift the focus of attention to the child's characteristics, development, and needs. Once educators were convinced of the primacy of the child's nature in determining school curriculum and methods, there was a demand for research evidence on the child. Developmental psychology, as an important segment of educational psychology, flourished in response to these needs. Genetic psychology was not of lasting scientific importance, but the attitude it generated in turn helped produce a scientific discipline of developmental psychology.

While Preyer (1882) is sometimes cited as author of the first, or one of the first, baby biographies, at least twelve such records preceded his in publication (Dennis, 1949). The earliest baby biography in English apparently was Willard's "Observations on an Infant in its First Year by a Mother" (Willard, 1835). , the two early longitudinal studies of language development by Holden (1877) and Humphries (1880). Another very early, but unpublished, baby biography was that kept by the New England eccentric, Utopian, and transcendentalist Bronson Alcott on his daughter who was born in 1831.

Rejecting the entire concept of mind and consciousness, he developed a materialistic point of view which he presented in his first paper on the theory, "Psychology as a Behaviorist Views it" (J. B. Watson, 1913). The paper was presented at Columbia, at Cattell's invitation, but the point of view was first expressed in a Chicago seminar in 1908. A more detailed presentation of the theory was made later in a book with a title similar to that of the paper (J. B. Watson, 1919). Most of Watson's work of interest to developmental psychology was done at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.

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