Management Ethics and Talmudic Dialectics: Navigating by Nathan Lee Kaplan PDF

By Nathan Lee Kaplan

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Nathan Lee Kaplan develops a talmudic viewpoint on administration ethics. by means of interpreting the valuable moral dilemmas of company managers in mild of acceptable traditions from the Oral Torah, this ebook bargains a serious bridge among the modern enterprise company and rabbinic Judaism’s foundational culture. the problems studied thereby comprise organizational tradition, fraud and corruption, whistle-blowing, investor and employment kinfolk, government reimbursement, company social accountability and environmental sustainability.

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Yehudah’s perpective is more consequentialistic, leaving him in awe of Roman civilization’s economic and cultural achievements. 1 Issue 1: Corporate Mission, Vision, and Values 45 Yehudah the son of proselytes went and related ʸʴʩʱʥʭʩʸʢʯʡʤʣʥʤʩʪʬʤ their words, 133 and they were heard by the ʥʸʮʠʺʥʫʬʮʬʥʲʮʹʰʥʭʤʩʸʡʣ government. ” He [Rashbi] and his son went and hid in the Beit Midrash [house of study and interpretation]. Every day, [his wife] brought to them bread and a jug of water from their home, and they wrapped [the bread to eat it].

N. L. 1007/978-3-658-05255-3_2, © Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden 2014 34 2 Ethics Taxonomy Dimension 1: Philosophy and Spirit ditions. 74 These concepts are, in turn, elements of the PUMA Vision program, an ethical framework serving as the foundation of the sportswear company Puma’s institutionalized values. 75 Zeitz, who began his Puma career at the age of twentyfive and led the company out of near bankruptcy to then transform it into the world’s third largest sportswear corporation as its Chairman and CEO, 76 publicly displays integrity between his personal and corporate philosophy.

Pava, Moses, The Substance of Jewish Business Ethics, in: Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 17, No. 6, 1998, pp. 603-617; this paper also features in Pava’s work, Business Ethics: A Jewish Perspective, New York, NY, 1997, pp. 83-112. Despite the prevalence in the Jewish business ethics literature of Rava’s and R. Shimon b. Yochai’s teachings that are examined in this section, these traditions have not yet been applied to the issue of corporate philosophy, and their content is mostly analyzed only superficially, with a lack of philological focus on the exact wording of the traditions and of contextual perspective particularly regarding the biographies of the two sages.

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