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By Mary Bell, Shan Gao

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Combining twenty-six unique essays written via a magnificent line-up of wonderful physicists and philosophers of physics, this anthology displays a few of the most recent techniques by means of best specialists at the effect of Bell's theorem on quantum physics. Essays development from John Bell's personality and heritage, via experiences of his major paintings, and directly to extra speculative rules, addressing the controversies surrounding the concept, and investigating the theorem's which means and its deep implications for the character of actual fact. mixed, they current a strong touch upon the indisputable value of Bell's theorem for the advance of rules in quantum physics over the last 50 years. Questions surrounding the assumptions and value of Bell's paintings nonetheless motivate dialogue within the box of quantum physics. including to this with a theoretical and philosophical standpoint, this balanced anthology is an imperative quantity for college kids and researchers drawn to the philosophy of physics and the principles of quantum mechanics.

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He dismisses out of hand the notion of 19 20 Recollections of John Bell von Neumann, Pauli, Wigner that ‘measurement’ might be complete only in the mind of the observer: ‘… I find it hard to understand that someone who arrives at such a conclusion does not seek the error in his argument’. For vK ‘… the mind of the observer is irrelevant … the quantum mechanical measurement is terminated when the outcome has been macroscopically recorded …’. Moreover, for vK, no special dynamics comes into play at ‘measurement’: ‘… The measuring act is fully described by the Schrödinger equation for object system and apparatus together.

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