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This publication is a serious creation to the long-standing debate about the conceptual foundations of quantum mechanics and the issues it has posed for physicists and philosophers from Einstein to the current. Quantum thought has been an immense infulence on postmodernism, and offers major difficulties for realists. conserving his personal realist place in payment, Christopher Norris matters a variety of key rivals and supporters of realism to a excessive and equivalent point of scrutiny. With a attribute blend of rigour and highbrow generosity, he attracts out the advantages and weaknesses from opposing arguments. In a chain of heavily argued chapters, Norris examines the premises of orthodox quantum concept, as built such a lot influentially by means of Bohr and Heisenberg, and its influence on varous philosophical advancements. those contain the information built through W.V Quine, Thomas Kuhn, Michael Dummett, Bas van Fraassen, and Hilary Puttnam. In each one case, Norris argues, those thinkers were inspired through the orthodox construal of quantum mechanics as requiring drastic revision of rules which had hitherto outlined the very nature of medical approach, causal explanati and rational enquiry. placing the case for a realist procedure which adheres to well-tried medical ideas of causal reasoning and inference to the simplest rationalization, Christopher Norris clarifies those debates to a non-specialist readership and students of philosophy, technology reviews and the philosophy of technological know-how alike. Quantum idea and the Flight From Realism means that philosophical mirrored image can give a contribution to a greater realizing of those an important, present matters.

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G. 46 Van Fraassen meets such arguments part-way by stretching the term ‘observable’ to cover what could be described under optimal conditions by the best-placed human observers. 47 Also, it is hard to see any reason— anthropocentric prejudice apart—for restricting the scientific object-domain to just those entities and events that happen to fall within the range of unaided human perceptual grasp. For there are many things that elude even the most sensitive or sharp-eyed human observer simply through the limits imposed by Is it possible to be a realist about quantum mechanics?

An interference pattern on a screen is built up by a series Is it possible to be a realist about quantum mechanics? 27 of apparently random events, and the wavefunction correctly predicts where the particle is most likely to land over an ensemble of trials. Yet the interpretation of the wavefunction which ascribes to it a purely statistical significance is not forced upon us by the experimental results…. On the contrary, one may take the view that the characteristic distribution of spots on a screen which build up an interference pattern is evidence that the wavefunction indeed has a more potent physical role than a mere repository of information on probabilities, for how are the particles guided so that statistically they fall into such a pattern?

A higher probability weighting) to the positron hypothesis than we should be as concerns the existence of other, presently more elusive or recondite particles which play a role in the most advanced speculative theories of present-day physics. With respect to these entities we had much better say that their existence is still a moot question, though it becomes more probable—or less a matter of pragmatic-instrumental convenience—with each new result that can best be explained by building them into our favoured ontological scheme.

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