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From this hypothesis he proceeded to argue that objects are phenomenal, that their existence as well as the existence of their qualities depends upon their being known. An object is just as it appears to being its phenomenal appearance. There is direct knowledge of the phenomenal object, and this knowledge depends upon the construction of the mind. We can never know the thing-in-itself, or what is otherwise called the Noumenal reality. Therefore, this kind of reasoning leads subjective idealism to a kind of scepticism.

H. "24 Philosophy of education is theoretical, the theory, however, aims at the guidance to practice. 25 Idealism has been the most ancient and the most prominent school in philosophy. 26 This idealism has been the most fundamental theory underlying educational principles. In the words of Robert R. 27 The most fundamental question in the field of education is concerning its aim. This question raises queries about the nature of man and the possibility of its modification and transformation. Man's nature is very much concerned with his place in the cosmos.

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