Alex Bentley's The Edge of Reason?: Science and Religion in Modern Society PDF

By Alex Bentley

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May still scientists problem spiritual ideals? Is faith inevitable in human society? Is faith damaging to society? Can technology itself encourage non secular ask yourself? disagreement among technological know-how and faith has outlined a lot public debate approximately faith in recent times, so much in recent years in bestsellers portraying a conflict among scientists and non secular believers, akin to Richard Dawkins' The God fantasy and Sam Harris's the top of religion or Letter to a Christian kingdom. yet what does this 'us as opposed to them' divide suggest for society? This selection of essays provides voice to social scientists, typical scientists and theologians whose event holds direct relevance on those significant concerns, and clarifies the location of technological know-how within the smooth debate. contains contributions by way of Mary Midgley (University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK), Denis Alexander (Cambridge college, UK), Richard Roberts (Lancaster collage, UK), Bob Layton (Durham collage, UK), Simon Coleman (Sussex college, UK), Michael Shermer (Executive Director of the Sceptics Society and per month columnist for clinical American), Lewis Wolpert (University university London, UK), Andrew Newberg (University of Pennsylvania), Timothy Taylor (University of Bradford, UK), Steven Mithen (University of examining, UK), David Sloan Wilson (Binghamton University), Herbert Maschner (Idaho kingdom University), Ian Reader (University of Manchester, UK), Hiroko Kawanami (Lancaster collage, UK), Andrian Kreye (Süddeutsche Zeitung), John Hedley Brooke (Oxford collage, UK), Gordy Slack (Author of The conflict Over The that means Of Everything), Seth Shostak (Seti Institute), William Calvin (University Of Washington), and David Wilkinson (Durham collage, UK).

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To many anthropologists and psychologists, the current atheist versus (mainly) Christian ‘debate’ is nothing more than the age-old Us versus Them battle underlying conflicts from ethnic stereotypes to tribal and national warfare. Pitching one’s own ‘Us’ tent and blaming those outside the tent just creates a dangerously false sense of blamelessness concerning what underlies longstanding conflicts. This too has an evolutionary basis. Violence begins not with a particular ideology about creation, as Herb Maschner and Katherine Reedy-Maschner’s Chapter 6 and Robert Layton’s Order and Anarchy describe, but with our much more basic, instinctive competition over sex, status or group identity.

47 Plenty of resources are available for negotiating the rapids in the current science–religion debate. If we can wean people off the polarized sloganeering, and encourage thoughtful and well-informed dialogue, then I see a lot of hope for the future of science–faith interactions. 2 Why new atheist definitions of religions fail Mark Hulsether Suppose I want to criticize a group that exhibits behaviour X. If I can show that X is unacceptable, have I proved my case? We could imagine situations in which this would follow.

I am a Socialist because I believe in evolution,’ declared the Fabian Annie Besant in a pamphlet of this era. ‘What is Socialism,’ asked The Bradford Labour Echo rhetorically in 1871, ‘but the development of a new social organism, where each part works for all, and all for each? It is in the direct line of evolution’. Biological evolution was successfully transformed into early socialist rhetoric, eventually becoming the party-line in all communist countries to the present day. Ironically, Darwin himself was a shrewd capitalist and had no truck with Marxism.

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