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The gain of the amplifier is 15 dB, and its noise temperature is 150 K over a bandwidth of 100 MHz. All the components are at an ambient temperature of 300 K. (a) Find the noise figure of this cascaded system. (b) What would be the noise figure if the amplifier were placed before the transmission line? SOLUTION First we need to determine the noise factor of the transmission line alone. The formulas derived in the preceding section can then provide the noise figures desired for the two cases. 15.

1) Directive Gain and Directivity If an antenna radiates uniformly in all directions, it is called an isotropic antenna. This is a hypothetical antenna that helps in defining the characteristics of a real one. The directive gain DG is defined as the ratio of radiation intensity due to the test antenna to that of an isotropic antenna. It is assumed that total radiated power remains the same in the two cases. 2) where U is the radiation intensity due to the test antenna in watts per unit solid angle, U0 the radiation intensity due to the isotropic antenna in watts per unit solid angle, and Prad the total power radiated in watts.

On the other hand, it will show a lower frequency if R is increasing with time. It is the Doppler frequency shift that is employed to design the Doppler radar. 8. A microwave signal generated by the oscillator is split into two parts via a power divider. The circulator feeds one part of this power to an antenna that illuminates a target while a mixer uses the remaining fraction as its reference signal. Further, the antenna intercepts a part of the signal that is scattered by an object. It is then directed to the mixer through a circulator.

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